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Massel Asian Cubes Pho 105g
Angela Day (Merthyr Tydfil, GB)


Massel Asian Cubes Laksa 105g
Katrina Stuart (Sale, GB)
great product, price and service!

great product, price and service!
great to find a better supplier than anazon, who gained our custom and then proceeded to rip us off! so were buying from here from now on!

Really good

Full of flavour! 👌

Great Pretzels

These are great pretzels. I am from American where you can get all kinds of pretzels. Here in the UK it is hard to find great pretzels in the stores. It took me a while to find these - they are brilliant !! Absolutely love them.

Jelly Belly Juicy Pear 70g
Suzel Andrews (Tamworth, GB)
Nice pear!

Juicy and succulent!

One of my 5 a day!

Massel Powder Tub Chicken 168g
Rosslyn Senior (Livingston, GB)
Great product

Prompt delivery and good customer service when you have an issue, resolved immediately

Mr freeze

Really good


Such a treat and so hard to find in UK. I will be back!!

Jelly Belly Hot Cinnamon 70g
Lucy Lord (Wigan, GB)

I have a seriously serious addiction to these little spicy beans, will soon be back for more 😋


Love these crispy tortas.. with a hint of anise topped with some sugar.. perfect with tea or coffee

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda 454g
Selina Moate (Uckfield, GB)

Cleans my clothes really well Ian a gardener and I am impressed never buying washing powder again

baking soda


Osem Chicken Flavour Soup Mix 400g
Ralph Abergel (Birmingham, GB)
Very happy

Delivered very quickly, thank you

Love this dressing

First had this dressing when I visited my relatives in the USA and so so pleased I can get it here thank you

Jelly Belly Hot Cinnamon 70g
Sharon Shenker (Borehamwood, GB)
Hot and tasty

My favourite flavour.
Not to everyone’s taste. Hot cinnamon strong flavour, I love it.

Australian licorice

Great service from Broadway Candy, from ordering through to delivery. Would certainly order from them again.

Jelly Belly Very Cherry 70g
Suzel Andrews (Northwich, GB)
Cherry belly!

Great taste and the pear flavor too!

2 of my 5 a day!

Briannas Dressing - Rich Poppy Seed 355ml***
Peter Townsend (Stalybridge, GB)
Briannas Poppy Seed

A great dressing that can be used with either sweet or savoury dishes.

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda 227g

Very popular lollies

Popular and just big enough!

Osem Bamba Peanut Puffs 25g
Donald Reid (Glasgow, GB)
Yummy Peanut Puffs

These have to be the tastiest snack I have ever devoured, cant stop till the packet is empty.

Simply Delish, Natural Sugar Free Pudding, Vanilla Flavour 44g

Regular buyer

It doesn’t seem very climate aware to bring this product all the way from the USA but I much prefer it to any dressing generally available here. It’s not that easy to find nowadays as Waitrose etc have stopped selling it and the main outlets seem to be the occasional garden centre, farm shop or deli (prompting me to contact both the importer and the manfacturer!), so when I spotted that Broadway Candy were selling single bottles I thought it well worth paying the postage to get hold of a few. They arrived quickly and securely packaged, so very pleased and will be back for more in due course.

Huel Ready-To-Drink 500ml - Salted Caramel
naomi brooks (Manchester, GB)

I love huel and trying this glamour for the first time and it taste great

Excellent Delivery of Walker’s Shortbread

The shortbread assortment made an excellent Christmas present.